Embrace the Three S’s. Keep It Searchable, Snackable, And Shareable For Content Marketing Success

I came across a great infographic from Boston-based content marketing company Skyword that I thought really summed up the importance of developing and disseminating bite-sized, high-quality, well-crafted marketing content (verbal, visual, and video) that resonates with and actively engages your customers. Searchable, Snackable, Shareable

Skyword defines content marketing as “the art and science of creating web content that informs, entertains, and converts” and goes on to further explain what they see as the keys to content marketing success:

Content has to be Searchable: With more than 100 billion global searches on Google every month, you have to build search optimization into your writing – from the start, not as an afterthought.

Content has to be Snackable: Recent studies suggest that the attention span of adults has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2012. People are busy and many are consuming their content on devices that are designed for short snackable bits of information. How often do you have a seven-course meal? Not often — you most likely snack several times a day. The same holds true for web content. People will consume long-form content from time to time. But you want to keep them coming back for their daily “snacks” of information.

Content has to be Shareable: If people find information they like, they will share it on their social networks. Facebook reports that people Like and comment on content on Facebook 3.2 billion times a day. Every time you create an article, infographic, blog, or video, ask yourself if someone would find it interesting enough to share — and if the answer is no, start again.

Makes sense to me. In fact, in an earlier post, I outlined a strategy for developing content, breaking it into bite sized chunks, humanizing it, and broadly sharing.

My strategy had seven steps. Theirs has three.

They win!

Thanks for sharing, guys.

© 2013 Tom McCall

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